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We have warranty for all our products. If something happens, do not worry, we are ready to change the set. After you order the set, we will ship it in 3 To 5 business day

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How are your Talismans Different From The Readymade Ones Available ?

An authentic Talisman cannot be readymade or pre-made. Only a personalized and custom-made Talisman is effective and gives the desired results. One is able to derive Real benefit only from Talismans made specially for the person who has to use them. Order Talisman Raksha Kavach

All Raksha Kavach Are Energized or Abhimantrit as per Vedic Rituals with Mantras. Complete Puja Method will be sent with each order, to establish this Kavach for the desired benefit.

All our Talismans are personalized, and made specifically for wearer, as per his/her personal information and birth details. It takes 3 days for each Talisman to be made.
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Sri Krishna Mantra

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Krishna is one of the Hindu gods and he is considered as an incarnation of
Lord Mahavishnu who is considered supreme God by the vaishnava schools. In
Sanskrit, Krishna means Dark. He is a deity worshipped by many traditions of

Shri Krishna Mantra

Sankalpa:Asyashree Shree Krishna mantrasya Narada Rishihi Gayathree chandaha Shree
Krishna Devata. Kleem beejam, swaaha shaktihi, chaturvida purushartha
sidhyarthe jape viniyogaha


Om Narada Rishaye namaha – Shirasi

Om Gayathree chandase namaha – Mukhe

Shree Krishna Devatayai namaha – Hrudi

Om Kleem Om beejaya namaha – Guhye

Om Swaha Shaktaye namaha – Padayoho

Viniyogaya namaha – Sarvange

Karanyasa and Hrudayadinyasa:

Om kleem - angustabhyam namaha – Hrudayaya namaha

Om krishnaya - tarjaneebhyam namaha – Shirase swaha

Om Govindaya - madhyamabhyam namaha – shikayai vashat

Om Gopeejana - anamikabhyam namaha – kavachaya hum

Om Vallabhaya - kanishtikabhyam namaha – Netratrayaya vaushat

Om Swaha - karatalakara prasthabhyam namaha – Asthraya phat Ithi digbandhaha


Vaikuntaadhaagatham krishnam rathastham karunanidhim

Kireeti sarathim puthraanaanayantham parathparam

Anaayyathan rathasthaamshcha guruve vaidhikayacha

Arpayantham mahabhagam vande puthrarthamachyutham

(Meditate on Shri Krishna)

Mantra:Om Kleem Krishnaaya Govindaaya Gopeejanavallabhaya swaahaa

Note: This mantra can be chanted at all times to get the love of god, mental
peace, to become pure, etc. Shri Krishna will take care of his devotee at
all times.